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Empty Spot provides you with a way to maximise occupancy and increase revenue by filling empty spots within your centre that often go unused. You can manage placements and fill empty spots using our intuitive and easy to use website.

Empty Spot connects you with parents at the very start of their childcare search journey, online, allowing them to find and book quality childcare services at the click of a button.

When servicing childcare providers, Empty Spot's aim is simple. We want to ensure that your occupancy and in-turn your revenue is maximised. We do this by providing an easy to use website allowing you to advertise your permanent and casual spots, field enquiries, book centre tours and process casual bookings.

Empty Spot helps childcare providers fill their vacancies in a number of ways:

  1. Detailed Profile
    Create a detailed profile of your centre, including description, services, philosophies, educational programs, opening times as well as inclusions within your centre such as meals, nappies, sunscreen and much more. The profile also allows you to showcase photos to provide a visual view of your centre.
    Parent reviews - Parents trust the opinion of others and as such we provide the ability for parents to provide a centre rating and write testimonials about the great service that your centre offers.
  2. Permanent Enrolments
    Empty Spot offers centres with permanent vacancies an ability to promote their vacancies and pricing for each age group within the centre. Parents are able to view the centre, shortlist their favourites, send an enquiry and even book a tour of the centre. This means that qualified leads and parents genuinely interested in your centre are sent directly to you.
  3. Casual Bookings
    Empty Spot enables you to fill your vacancies with casual bookings. Whether it's through families already enrolled at your centre or new families seeking a more flexible care option, Empty Spot provides you with a platform to fill those extra spots that often go unfilled.
  4. Improving Efficiency
    Using Empty Spot, our listed centres can upload all of their empty spots (as often or as rarely as they like) and advise their parents that when the need arises for an extra day or two, all they have to do is book that spot through Empty Spot.
    When a casual spot is booked, parent and child detailed information is emailed directly to you at the time of booking.
    This eliminates the need for phone calls, emails and unexpected drop-ins, meaning that staff can spend their time doing other things rather than chasing up and filling casual spots.
  5. Marketing of your Centre
    By listing with Empty Spot, your centre will be marketed to thousands of parents nationally. The Empty Spot team are experts at digital and traditional marketing and ensure that the website and your centre are promoted across multiple channels and are in front of thousands of parents.


  • MAXIMISE revenue by filling your empty spots which traditionally go unused
  • INCREASE occupancy rates by filling your empty spots
  • INCREASE your centres' EXPOSURE to thousands of parents Australia wide
  • We make it EASY for parents to find you by marketing your centre
  • ATTRACT new parents and children to your centre
  • We help you REACH parents when they are deciding on the right centre for their child
  • A SIMPLE and EASY to use website for permanent and casual spots in your centre
  • Increase EFFICIENCY by using the website to advise existing families of vacancies within your centre
  • Easily MANAGE your company profile, schedule availabilities and set prices
  • Various package options to suit your budget including FREE lisings
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