When Early Learning and Childcare Centre Design Come Together

Since launching emptyspot.com.au, we have been fortunate to visit some amazing places and childcare services.

What makes it even better, is when you see quality education, passion and physical form come to together. We have travelled far and wide and have seen some amazing and innovative centres and some, well….not so amazing.

And then there are some places that you know….just inspire you.

Earlier this year, as I was driving to my next appointment, something caught my eye. I don’t quite know what it was. Perhaps it was the giant inflatable tube man flapping his body and his oversized arms that caught my attention. Or perhaps it was the big “Opening Soon” banner at the front. It may have even been the quirky logo and branding, but what ever it was, it worked a treat and caught my attention.

It was a brand new centre, opening soon, cleverly named, Confident Kids Child Care & Early Learning. They certainly are confident, not only by name, but by nature as well.

I just knew I needed to contact them and check out this smart looking centre. Without getting bogged down in detail, after a quick search, I got hold of the lovely centre Director and owner, Olivia Greiner and after a couple of emails, I was on my way to view this fantastic new centre. And oh boy…was I in for a surprise.

From the entry, right through to each specific educational area, everything and I mean everything is well thought out and planned. That comes with no surprise considering they engaged Dr Brenda Abbey from Childcare By Design amongst many other experts to help with the design, layout and educational areas of the centre. It all just makes sense. Dr. Abbey is highly regarded and well experienced in the early childhood sector having worked in the industry for over 30 years and provides consultancy advice to corporate, private, community and government bodies.

I must warn you about the entry and reception desk though! It will suck you and your children into to staying that extra 5 to 10 minutes longer with a large 1.5m long tropical fish tank, full of colour, life and gorgeous little fish. The kids LOVE IT! And are immediately drawn to it. Even as a 6 foot tall adult, I couldn’t look away.

Surrounded by a beautifully crafted wooden reception with a hanging garden wall in the background, you immediately get a feeling of nature and warmth. And that’s before you make your way to any of the rooms.

Olivia and Belle from Confident Kids
Olivia and Belle

The layout is carefully designed with each room and educational area in mind, flowing naturally from room to room. The colours, feature walls, flooring and all the intricate details are carefully thought through to bring a calming environment for the little ones. Educational areas are planned in specific themes making the centre a fun and playful environment.

I came in at the perfect time as the in-house chef had just finished cooking up a storm in their on-site commercial kitchen with a gourmet dish that would probably win an award on My Kitchen Rules – Sorry Masterchef! Their kitchen certainly does rule.

With food in each hand, we continue to walk through the rooms that lead out to a number of outdoor play areas that makes the inner child in me want to come out and play. Talking to Olivia, it’s obvious that whilst the centre itself is pretty special, there is so much more to this service. Their approach to education and passion for the development of children shines through.

Internal images of Confident Kids Childcare Centre

Rather than a simple child minding service, Confident Kids run a full educational program, which is in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The curriculum applies contemporary early learning theory inspired by Reggio Emilia that assists children to improve upon their general knowledge, increase sensitivity and empathy towards others as well as incorporate activities to develop age appropriate physical development.

You can expect children to be involved in music, movement, phonic sounds, independent reading and picture books, writing, memory games, art, craft, science, history, cultures, language, cooking lessons, technology, sustainability and our environment.

They even organise excursions to SA Museum, Adelaide Zoo and the Botanic Gardens just to name a few.

I wish the childcare service I went to as a little tacker did all that!

So, if you’re considering your childcare options and not sure which centre to send your kids to, check out Confident Kids Child Care & Early Learning and send them an enquiry or book in a tour. They’d love to show you around.

External images of Confident Kids Childcare Centre

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