Case Study: AMIGA Montessori & myDNA

AMIGA Montessori and myDNA

An exciting new partnership sees the eight AMIGA Montessori early learning centres in Victoria offering DNA testing to staff as an innovative health benefit.


About AMIGA Montessori

AMIGA Montessori is a progressive early learning methodology which emphasises that children learn best when they drive their own learning experience, at their own pace.

This tailored approach was initially developed by Dr Maria Montessori and its principles are grounded in science.

AMIGA Montessori prides itself on delivering the highest quality standard of Montessori education, and the organisation is continually looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and enrich the early learning community.

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A new partnership

In an exciting new development, AMIGA Montessori has decided to pioneer a program where they offer their 300 staff members free myDNA reports.

These reports do not look at disease risk, instead they profile an individual’s key DNA markers and explain how they can help guide fitness and diet choices.

Russell Cagnacci, Amiga Montessori’s Chief Operating Officer explains:

“AMIGA teaches in the tradition of Maria Montessori, who was a pioneer in education. Now we are building on this pioneering drive in being the first Long Day Care facility in Australia to partner with myDNA. We hope to help our teams to better understand how they can improve their wellbeing and that of their families. In doing so we hope also to make a positive impact on their day to day teaching of young children in the AMIGA Montessori schools”

AMIGA Montessori is following in the footsteps of Levi Strauss, Salesforce, General Electric Appliances and others in providing DNA screening as an innovative employee benefit.

The individualised reports will provide the basis for a personalised educational tool that can encourage employees to proactively manage their health. This can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce.

The hope is that the myDNA reports will kickstart a broader discussion about health and wellbeing that will filter through the AMIGA Montessori organisation.

AMIGA Montessori will also offer ongoing support to help ensure the report recommendations are implemented, this will include sports club memberships and nutritional seminars.

Russell Cagnacci says:

“Testing DNA to understand more is one part of our strategy but we are also committed to supporting our teams by partnering with institutions that provide Nutrition and Fitness based programs and offer those services to our valued team members at a discount. It’s our intention to drive long term meaningful change within our industry.”


How will it work?

Staff who decide to opt in, will provide a DNA sample via a simple cheek swab. Two weeks later the individual will receive their personalised report which includes their DNA results and personalised recommendations.


Who are myDNA?

myDNA is an international genetics interpretation firm, headquartered in Melbourne. The company aims to help people make better, more informed decisions about their health and wellbeing and has recently begun its corporate wellness initiative.

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Allan Sheffield, co-founder of myDNA is excited to see where this will lead:

“This is a great partnership and our values align well given the scientific basis that underpins the work of AMIGA Montessori. Their vision for their employees is impressive, we are looking forward to seeing the contribution that myDNA testing can make to the overall health and wellbeing of their teams.”

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